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Ed LeClair and his wonderful TRIP Quilt

Ed LeClair and his wonderful TRIP Quilt

The following is a picture of my most recent quilt.  It is know as a Trip Quilt, and in this case this is my San Francisco quilt.

The center, white, represents St. Mary's Cathedral, and the fog of San Francisco
The orange represents the International Orange color of the Golden Gate Bridge
The orange and black together represents the San Francisco Giants baseball team
The Gold represents San Francisco's history of bold mining, as well as the San Francisco 49ers.
The following fabric represents our large Chinese and other asian populations.
The taupe and beige represents our large latino population as well as the colors of many of SF buildings
The rainbow fabric represents our gay population.
The blue with whales represents the San Francisco Bay as well as the Pacific Ocean
The very dark green is for the many cypress trees in Golden Gate Park
The light green is the many parks in San Francisco
The floral represents the flowers of Golden Gate park and the many flower baskets in SF
And the we start all over again

The quilt back...lots of fun: