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New Pieces Quilting Services

We've quilted over 6000 quilts for folks...that's a LOTTA QUILTS!
We have the experience, the joy,  the love of quilting,
and we are committed to service to you...and your quilts.


Happy customers and their stories!


If you would like for us to make, finish, or quilt your quilt...

Read this page to get an overview of the options.  Fill out the information sheet (below).  Then mail (or deliver in person!):

  1. Your completed info sheet
  2. The quilt top and back
  3. Your deposit 

Deposits are:

Our address is: NEW PIECES QUILT SERVICE, 766 Gilman Street, Berkeley, CA 94710.

Long Arm Quilting Services

Our specialty is free-form machine quilting from our selection of patterns.

Information Sheet

We need this 1-page information sheet with your quilt.  Please read the rest of the page and then download, print, complete, and mail in with your quilt and your deposit. 

New Pieces Quilting Services Info Sheet

Quilting & Pattern Selection

What we do in one hour on our industrial quilting machine would take the average quilter 5+ hours on a home machine.
When we choose a quilting pattern, we evaluate:

Some quilts scream for simplicity; others want the quilting to be part of the design of the quilt.  It is helpful for us to get a sense of what you had in mind so that you are happy with the results.


Currently, we use cotton or polyester threads for quilting.   We have lots available, from variegated threads to 50-weight cotton to 28-weight poly… to everything in between. We can put several different colors of thread on one quilt. We will choose thread color for you unless you have specific requirements.

Binding Services

There are 3 binding options.  Choose the one you like, or if you're not sure, ask us questions!

You supply needed fabric for this service, or we can choose a fabric for you and add the charges to your bill. Please let us know your wishes.

Custom Services

Piecing Service

We will make or finish a quilt top of your choosing from materials supplied by you, or we can choose fabrics and a design based on your preferences. If you send fabric, for best results, we suggest you purchase 100% cotton, though other materials may work.  Talk to us if you have other fabrics. If it is necessary to add more fabric to your selection, you can purchase the material from our store.  We can help choose fabrics that will work well with yours. Allow three to six months to piece a top.

We are very experienced in this area.  We've made dozens of quilts for folks, using everything from their loved ones T-shirts to a yard of Minkee fabric made as a cuddle blanket, to art quilts, to gorgeous custom-designed king-sized treasures.

Making a quilt from the beginning is a very complicated process. If you are not a quilter, please talk with us about your ideas.

We will not copy quilts of other quilters. We can work with purchased quilt patterns and books with quilt patterns printed for public use.

Back Service

We can cut, sew, and iron your quilt's back. You supply the material from your stash or you can purchase the material from New Pieces.  We can help you pick it out the fabric.

Sleeve Service

We can cut, iron, and machine-sew the top edge and whipstitch the bottom edge of a sleeve on the back of your quilt. You can supply the material or you can purchase the material from New Pieces.

A Few Words About Photos on Fabric

If you would like to include pictures or photos or fronts of greeting cards or a special drawing, it is possible to have these items transferred to fabric. If you want to do this on your own, there are two great books out by Jean Ray Laury: Photo Transfer and Imagery on Fabric.

Charges for Service

Design Categories

To give you an idea of what our charges might look like, depending on size and design category:

NOTE: The largest quilt we can quilt on our long-arm machine is 140 inches on one side. The other side can be longer, but at least one side must be 140 inches or less.

Costs for Making a Quilt

Here are some price ranges to make a quilt for you. The price is determined by the amount of time to produce the quilt. The more involved the design, the longer it takes.  We will work with you and give you options so you can choose if you prefer to keep your costs low or to create a more elaborate quilt.

These prices include fabric, batting and thread.

However, pricing is an ART form, not a science.  Bear in mind… it is next to impossible to give a price for finishing quilts until we see the quilt. While the amounts listed here provide general guidelines, we can’t finalize a price until we’re sure we’re providing the service you’re envisioning.
For instance… imagine you ask us to create a king-size quilt from one fabric that you provide.  A project like that would be likely be the $600 range, start-to-finish. Then imagine you ask us to make a baby quilt that is pieced from 35 different baby garments. THAT would take much longer to make, even though the quilt is small.
See how different every quilt can be??  That’s why we love quilts – every one is unique! 
The best way to work together is to balance the degree of complication in the design with your budget you’ve set aside for this keepsake.  We’re happy to work with you to find the way to get the most out of your quilting experience with us!

Technical Stuff:  Preparing Your Quilt’s Back and Top for Best Results

Preparing the Quilt for Finishing

The Back

The Batting

Your batt must be 8 inches wider and 8 inches longer than your quilt Top.  You do not need to send batt for any of the services. We carry:

We can pick the most appropriate batt, based on your questionnaire responses, quilting design and material used on top. We will add the batting to your bill.

Example: Your quilt top measures 60" x 80".

                a. The top of your quilt measures 60". 

                b. Your quilt back should measure at least 68" x 88".

                c. Your quilt batt  should measure at least 68" x 88".

A Note about Batting: You may bring your own batt. We need either the original packaging or a written statement about the required stitch density for your particular batt. Without this, we have no idea what quilting density your batt requires...this can affect the lasting of the quilting through possible washing and regular use of your quilt. Thank you.

Ways We Look Out for You

If your top and back are not prepared properly, we will do this for you and charge for the preparation.

If your borders are flared, we will endeavor to flatten them through heavy quilting. It may be necessary to put a seam in some "flared" borders.

If your back is missing, we will make one for you and add the charges to your bill.

If your binding is missing, and you asked us to bind your quilt, we will make a binding for you and add the charges to your bill.


Normal turn around time for this service depends on the number of quilts we already have in our long arm queue.

We do not quilt over photos-on-fabric, heavily hand-painted fabric, plastic or leather.

If you have a specific date you need your quilt, and it requires us to bump an existing quilt in our longarm queue to meet that date, we will charge an extra fee to meet your date.

Final Words

After all the detailed instructions above, the bottom line is, WE LOVE TO QUILT YOUR QUILTS!

We take pride and joy in each and every quilt we work on. We love being part of your quilting life, from helping you select the fabric to helping you finish your projects.  Thank you for trusting us!


And definitely call us if you have questions!  510-527-6779         or email us at