Three Little Kittens


with Nancy Brown

Saturday, June 2, 2018     10:30 - 3:30     48.00

Come learn all about hand qpplique and how to choose colors and fabric while working on this 10"x26" wall hanging featuring three kittens. You can make the kittens in the color of your choice - either realistic colors or bright colors. Nancy will also show you how to change the basic pattern to make it look more like your favorite kitten or cat. She will also show you how to make your own pattern from a photo so you can make a portrait of your own cat in any pose.

Beginners welcome.

Fabric scissors (with a pointed tip) Nancy likes the 5" embroidery scissors.

Paper scissors

Freezer Paper (for templates)

Straight pins

Pencil sharpener

Needles: #10 or 11 Sharps (Nancy likes the English brands like Richard Hemming or John James)

Thread to match fabric (50 or 60 weight cotton, silk, polyester are all fine)

Marking pencils (bring your faborites). For dark fabrics: Quilter's Rule or Roxanne's white or Silver pencil or Fons and Porter mechanical pencil. For light fabrics: Blue chalk or Blue washout or silver chalk pencil.

Fabric: Prewash all fabrics. Bring prints and solids. Prints can add texture to the portrait.

Kitten block is 7" squareso you really only need small amounts or scraps of fabric. You can do your kittens in any colors that you choose including bright non-kitten colors. In the sample, there is an orange and white tabby. For that one, you will need an orange stripe, white, beige, pink for the nose and  yellow for the eyes. For the black and white kitten, you will need black, white, light grey, pink for the nose and  green for the eyes. For the third kitten done in many colors, you will nee one darker fabric for the body and head, two lighter fabrics in different shades, a little blue for the eyes and pink for the nose. You can also change the pattern to look more like your kitty (bring a photo and fabrics in your kitty's colors).

Borders and Backgrounds: Two of the kittens in the sample are against a sky blue (1/4 yard) and the other will depend on what color kitten you make. You can choose your borders later, but Nancy used a small lime green inner border (1/8 yd) and a larger blue outer border (1/4 yard).







Date: 06/02/2018

Cost: $48.00

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