On Safari 2 of 5

  Description: Come learn all about hand applique and how to portray animals while working on a scene of African animals including a lion, hippo, flamingo, spoonbill, antelope and okapi. We will work on one or more animals a month for five months. You will have the option of working on the sample in the original size or 20% larger (which makes the applique a little easier). I will also show you how to make your own patterns from a photo if you would like to add to the scene. Confident beginner and above.


Fabric Scissors (Any sharp scissors with a pointed tip. I like the 5" embroidery scissors)
Paper Scissors
Freezer Paper
Straight Pins
Pencil sharpener (for marking pencils)
Needles: no. 10 or 11 Sharps (I like the English Brands like Richard Hemming)
Thread to match fabric ( I use Superior Thread's Bottom Line Polyester but 50 0r 60 weight cottons or silks are also good)
Marking pencils:
       For dark fabrics: Quilter’s Rule or Roxanne’s white or your choice
       For light fabrics: Blue chalk of Blue Washout or your choice

Fabric (Prewash all fabrics. Prints or solids- I like prints)

Here is what we will be working on every month:
Month 1: Flamingo, Spoonbill and Background   Month 2: Hippo    Month 3: Gazelle
Month 4: Lion        Month 5: Okapi and bird
     For the first class we will be working on the two birds in the center, the flamingo and the spoonbill. For these birds you will need small pieces of  light, medium and dark grey: white: black : and light medium and dark pink. (You will be able to use several of these colors in future animals).  Prints work very well and you don't have to limit yourself to prints that look like bird feathers--any print will add texture.
     We will also talk about the background. You might want to wait before buying anything right now (you won't need it for the first class) but basically you will need about 1/3 yard of a fabric for the watering hole. Many watering holes are muddy but if you choose brown, the animals won't show up so I used a light blue for the water. You will also need 1/4 yard for the grasses, the mountains and the skies.
    We will talk about colors for the rest of the animals in class.
     If you would like me to e-mail you the photo so the sample so you can see the colors send me an e-mail at:  nancybrownquilts@aol.com

Date: 08/19/2018

Cost: $95.00

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