with Alla Blanca

Friday, May 11, 2018     10:30 - 1:30     $29

What's in your stash? I have a weakness for panels, but I don't often put them to use. 

Generally, the second Friday of the month, a staff member will teach a stash-busting class. Join us in using what you have to create something wonderful.

May's Stash-Buster class will use a panel (or other large piece of fabric) and teach you how to make it into a useful, one-of-a-kind apron.  There will be an emphasis on some ways that garment techniques differ from quilt piecing.

Panel (generally 24” x 44”/Width of Fabric) OR up to 1 yard of fabric for front
Coordinating fabric, 1/3 yard (ties, optional pocket or piecing on front)
Lining/reverse fabric, 1 yard

Sewing machine in good working order
Rotary cutter, mat and ruler (6” x 24” is a good size)
Thread: good quality polyester thread is preferred for garment sewing; also any desired thread for topstitching
Needles: (Microtex 80/12 or 70/11)
Basic sewing supplies: scissors, seam ripper, pins, thread and bobbin for your sewing machine
Optional: an existing apron that you like the fit/shape of; 2 D-rings for neck strap; pattern-making paper
Note: if your panel is landscape in orientation, but made from individual square/rectangle images, the panel apron will still work (see Marilyn Monroe panel in the shop for an example of this).  However, a landscape-oriented panel that is a single image is NOT a good choice for this style of apron (see Golden Gate Bridge panel in the shop for an example of this type).

Date: 05/11/2018

Cost: $29.00

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