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T-Shirt Quilt Class with Alla Blanca

THREE sessions, Wednesday evenings   6:30-8:30 pm        $57

APRIL 4, 11, and 25th


Always wanted to make a t-shirt quilt? Now's your chance. This class is for ANYONE, regardless of sewing or quilting experience.  All you need to know is how to operate your sewing machine.

t-shirt quilt sample

Bring your t-shirts to the first session and we will learn how to prepare them, and some ideas for the quilt you will design.  The following two weeks will be time for working and lots of assistance with constructing your quilt.

Experienced sewists or quilters may want to make more complicated designs; this is encouraged, for those who have the skills to tackle it.  A few pattern ideas will be shown and discussed.

Supplies list:

Sewing machine in good working order (not needed for the first session; BUT if you have questions, please bring it)

Rotary cutter

Optional: rotary cutting mat and ruler (12 1/2" square, 15 1/2" or 16 1/2" square, or 6x24" are good sizes)

Basic sewing supplies: scissors, seam ripper, pins, thread and bobbin for your sewing machine

Fabric - t-shirts (three or more; there is often some "editing" during the design phase); t-shirt stabilizer material (quantity to be determined by the number of shirts); cotton quilting fabrics, as needed for the design you will be making

Date: 04/04/2018

Cost: $57.00

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