Mt. Tam Machine Applique

MT. TAM - LANDSCAPE with Susan Marcia Arrow

Saturday March 24, 2018     10:30 - 4:30     $57


Sample is hanging in the store.

Supplies Needed




Notions and other supplies:


Machine & Accessories



High quality thread. Primary Thread: Blend threads color to fabric colors, or black.


Landscape Fabric Recommendations:

There is no need to pre-wash fabrics. Ask the staff at New Pieces for the tree leaves print patterns, and most any batik print will work fine.


Batiks and tone on tone fabric (different shades of one color in the same fabric). Bring less than 1/8 yard pieces unless otherwise stated, as you only use a small amount. A large number of different fabrics are more interesting. Small prints are more effective than large prints to suggest perspective.


I love hand dyed fabrics and use them in most of my quilts. Try to pick your color scheme before selecting fabric, it will make finding fabric or choosing fabric from your stash MUCH EASIER!!!!

For instance, select one of the following color combinations or make up your own. Note: the sky can be blue and use the color schemes below for the landscape areas.


Primary Colors: Gold and Green with Purple accents

Primary Colors: Gold, Green with Brown accents

Primary Colors: Yellow Orange and Lime Green with Blue-Violet accents

Primary Colors: Orange, Golden Yellow with Blue accents



The fabric can be solid colors, tone on tone, and batiks where the fabric contains many shades of one color, or highlights many colors in one overall color. Also look at accent prints in the oriental selections, and in your own scrap box, Fabric printed with Leaves and bushes (small scale). Cut up florals and leaf prints can give you great detail when used for trees and shrubs. Any fabric that has a pleasing print and color scheme to you makes it an ideal fabric. Remember to buy the fabric you love, and you will love your finished quilt!!!

Cheater Fabric:

Look for printed fabric that contains realistic elements to incorporate into your quilt. You will need to fussy cut this fabric.

Try to find cheater fabric for prints of realistic rocks, and other features in the landscape. Only use a few items from the print, or the overall effect will look artificial.


Sky and Water (1/3 yard if sky pieces): Choose 1-2 fabrics

Light to very light Blues, Purples or Greens

White netting for clouds, or multiple overlays of transparent netting and silks. Upholstery fabrics have some great sky prints.


Land (1/8 yard) (Choose at least 3 fabrics in each value (Very Light, Light, Medium and Dark)

Lemon yellow, yellow orange or yellow ochre

Light green, lime green; clear green, blue green, Kelly green

Light gold, medium gold, dark gold

Golden brown, medium brown, dark brown.

Grays, warm gray, light, medium and dark gray.

Purple, blue-purple, violet, lavender

All natural colors. (A color you see in nature).

Mottled green/brown

Be sure to pick light to dark values, to make it “pop”


Yards and threads of various weights. You can incorporate heavier threads using your bobbin.

Select border and binding fabrics, once you have finished the quilt.


Date: 03/24/2018

Cost: $57.00

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