Hand Quilting


with Pattie Klimek

Saturday, January 13 and 27th 2:30 - 5:30

AND Sunday, February 4 12:30 - 3:30

Hand quilting is a fast, easy, and relaxing way to embellish a quilt and can be combined with machine quilting to accent a quilt in many ways.

At the first session, you will be introduced to the basics of hand quilting, the materials needed, how to baste, how to tie and set a knot, and the rocking stitch.  If you have tried to hand quilt before and have questions, I can observe your stitch and give suggestions on how to improve it with proper body mechanics and tools.

At the second session, I will cover variations of the rocking stitch, how to mark your quilt and we will have a practice session.

For the third session we will again practice, learn Big Stitch hand quilting, and talk about quilting patterns, how to choose an appropriate pattern for the style of your quilt top and various ways to mark the pattern. Bring in your tops to discuss and we will choose a pattern for them. After the third session, let's count your stitches to see how you have improved.  Are you "Accomplished", "Museum Quality", or "Smithsonian"?

Suppy List

  1. Wooden Hand Quilting Hoop about 14” in diameter works the best.

  2. Quilt backing material and batting about 24” x 34”. Backing fabric should be a firm cotton, in a solid, light color so you can see your stitches. I will supply a pre-marked top. Batting should be recommended for hand quilting, Hobbs Cotton 80-20, Hobbs Thermore, or Mountain Mist Quilt Lite. We will baste it in class.

  3. Hand quilting thread (not regular thread) in a color that will contrast with your fabric so you can see your stitches clearly. We recommend YLI, Gutermann, or Coats and Clark Hand Quilting thread.

  4. Hand quilting needles. They are called “betweens”. Invest in a good quality needle such as John James, Foxglove, or Richard Hemmings. Size 9 or 10 should be appropriate.

  5. Hand Quilting Thimble. It should be metal, not leather or plastic and fit the middle finger of your dominate hand snuggly so that it does not twist. Again, do not bring a leather or plastic thimble.

  6. Scissors for cutting thread.

  7. Notebook and pen for note takers.


Date: 01/13/2018

Cost: $87.00

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