Fun and Fearless Freemotion Quilting 3 of 3

Fun and Fearless Freemotion Quilting

a class for beginning machine quilters with Wendy Snyder

July 29th, August 12th, August 26th

   10:30 - 1:30


Do you have a small quilt top, baby or charity quilt that inspires you to try free motion quilting? Have you taken a class or two, but still not sure how to proceed on your quilting plan?

This three session class will cover the basics and give you the guided practice time you need for successful free motion quilting (which means to drop the feed dogs of your sewing machine and use a darning foot) while giving you the hands-on time to develop your FMQ skills in a supportive environment.

SESSION 1: This class will begin with the basics of thread choices, machine needles and batting. Then you will practice on paper with pencil before moving to larger free motion quilting on batting samples. This will develop your ‘muscle memory’ for later use on a finished quilt top, or to create quilted pieces to be used later for your own quilted project. (3 hours)

SESSION 2: Bring in your finished and pressed quilt top or project (fabric for making project bags, placemats or quilted totes), batting & back, to learn how to layer and pin in class. We will then discuss how to come up with a design that fits your quilt and your comfort/skill level, by first discussing your quilt top or project as a group. Methods for transferring your ideas to your quilt will be shared, as well as time to practice your quilting plan on sample batting sandwiches, and start quilting your piece when ready! (3 hours)

SESSION 3: Bring in your layered and pinned project/quilt ready to be quilted. Work open studio style on your FMQ plan with teacher support.  (4 hours). You are not required to take the first two sessions to enroll in the third session workshop IF you are an experienced Free Motion Quilter.


Sewing Machine that can drop the feed dogs and a FMQ/darning foot

Composition book or spiral notebook with lined or graph pages

Pencils/pens (what ever is more comfortable to you for doodling)

No. 2 Safety pins

Fabric erase/washable Chalk pencil

1/3 yard  x 92” COTTON Batting for samples done in class

Additional batting for your to-be-quilted quilt (type and size to be determined)

50w Thread for quilting (will discuss alternate choices in SESSION 1)

Masking or strapping tape

Optional: Machingers gloves

Finished quilt top and backing (or just fabric if you are quilting the fabric to be used to construct other projects such as placemats, pouches, or bags)

An adventurous and positive attitude!

Date: 08/26/2017

Cost: $95.00

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