Square Dance Scrap Meet 2 of 2


October 14, 2017     10:30 - 4:30

October 28, 2017 10:30 - 3:30

This is a collaborative improvisation class, an invitation to play without a particular outcome in mind.

Part of the fun and interest in this pattern comes from drawing on a wide variety of fabrics in its composition. Come with squares - minimum 3” - 4” in size, and strips – widths can vary, as well as fat eighths, fat quarters, quarter yards, etc. from your stash to get started. Also, be sure to bring in some black and white fabrics to incorporate.

Starting with a few guidelines, we will work round-robin style to make blocks. Let go of trying to make perfect combinations because you are handing off what you have started to someone else. If a combination doesn't work for you, someone else will have an idea of what will work. Because we are working together and improvising, we are developing a conversation.

We want to make as many blocks as possible in the two class sessions. The more we make the more there will be to share at the end.

In the second session we will continue making squares, talk about pulling it all together, and share the blocks. We will cover setting strategies to bring this wide variety of squares together. Once the blocks are large enough – approximately 14”, we will cut them into quarters to share. The goal is to have each class member take home as many blocks as possible to work with and assemble into a unique quilt.


2017 Shapero Square



Assortment of fabric scraps – squares 3” and bigger, strips 1: and wider, 1/8 yards and/or fat eighths, 1/4 yards and/or fat quarters, and half yards.

Variety of black and white fabrics.

Most kinds of patterns and scale fabrics will work.


Rotary cutter, mat, and rulers

Large square ruler (12 1/2" or larger)

Sewing machine in good working order with a new needle

Basic sewing supplies - pins, neutral color thread to blend with fabrics, seam ripper, scissors, etc.

OPTIONAL: Flannel or fleece to use on design wall

Date: 10/28/2017

Cost: $105.00

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